Wednesday, December 20, 2017

I had PTSD six months in.

FO's are the craziest I've treated.

"You ain't putting that needle in..."

"I don't want a promotion sir."

"Rose, close this incision for me."

"Take Doc Rose wherever he wants."

"You've lost a lot of blood."

"T&C for six. Open him now."

"I need some more morphine Doc!"

"Doc, I want to go home."

“Doc, say a prayer for me.”

“This is gonna really hurt you!”

“I’m scared Doc. I’m real scared!”

“Doc, am I going to die today?!”

“Strap’em down. We’re gonna climb fast.”

“Boxie beaucoup dow! Boxie beaucoup dow!”

“All medics dead. Need volunteer now.”

My hooch-maid wants to marry me.

“The best corn I’ve ever eaten.”

Overrun my one night on CQ.

Came home to yet another war.

Protest the war, not the warrior.

Medevac: a savior in the skies.

Dope: sometimes I was so lonesome...

Bleeding. “Let me have your belt.”

“Pack this mud on his wound.”

“It’s way too quiet. Something’s brewing.”

Playing guitar, a means of escape.

Rifle fell over. Face blown out.

“A rifle fell over.” “Yeah right!”

“No way this count is right.”

“Where’s my hand? My hand's gone!”

“Where is everybody?” “You’re it sir!”

“He’s not talking. Let’s try this.”

Smoking some dope helps you cope.

“They want us to drink this.”

“It’s dirty. I’m lancing it open.”

“Haven’t seen this much rain before.”

“71echo this is delta romeo, over.”

“I’ll need help loading. I’m alone.”

“When the gunships start. You go.”

“You ready??? When I say go!!!”

“Call my parents if I die.”

“Ceasefire. We’re attacking from the rear.”

“Are those maggots I see there?”

Cookies from home. Now everybody eats.

“Tell LBJ to come over here.”

“Tell my parents I love them.”

“I don’t want to die...”

Killed four out of five. Almost.

Smell so intense. I couldn’t breath.

"We're flying into the Fishhook tonight!"

“I’ve a special mission for you.”

“This asepto will be your suction.”

“He has a sucking chest wound.”

“Let me know if this hurts.”

Conscientious objector. “That’s one less rifle.”

Left one war for another war.

“But we just took this hill!”

“I say let them have it.”

“What are we fighting for anyway!”

“Five more choppers twenty minutes out!”

“I need you to triage wounded.”

“And this is my drunk bodyguard.”

“You have a round eye girlfriend?!”

“Doc! I’m hit! I’m hit! Doc!!!”

“Can you see?” “Flying from memory!”

“Got to go! Got to go!”

“Do I still have my junk?”

“Get this thing out of me!”

Canteen is refilled. Drink or bathe?

“Get that lead gook! No never-mind.”

"Controls are sloppy. Brace for impact!"